Friday, February 24, 2012

Special Guest Blog Post by Paul Blunt: Intro to Environmental Assessment

Today we have another guest blog post. Paul Blunt, Environmental Engineer with Coffee Geotechnics and servicing the Southwestern Ontario Market, will provide us with an intro to environmental assessment:

A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), is commonly completed prior to the acquisition of a property, generally for due diligence and/or as a requirement of financing. The purpose of a Phase 1 ESA is to identify actual or potential Site environmental impacts and discuss the relevant liabilities.

Phase 1 will assess ‘the Site’ and adjoining properties by conducting interviews with persons having specific knowledge of the Site, reviewing available regulatory files and Site records for the property. Other activities may include reviewing the municipal directories, fire insurance plans and aerial photographs for the subject Site and adjoining properties.

In the case of a lease it may be prudent for an owner or tenant to complete a Phase 1 ESA prior to leasing a Site. A Phase 1 ESA would reveal the history of the Site and potentially contaminating activities (PCA) that may have been conducted at a Site or adjoining properties. The Phase 1 ESA can serve as a ‘base line’ assessment prior to occupying the Site. This becomes increasingly important if the operations are several decades old and the history is unknown or industries replacing like industries (i.e. a dry cleaner drop location is replacing a dry cleaner).

Special thanks to Paul for his contribution. To learn more about his environmental engineering services, visit the company website or call him at 1-416-315-9694.

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