Friday, March 30, 2012

Leasing Series - It's a Wrap

Over the past months, we’ve tried to cover in a ‘soup-to-nuts’ fashion the area of real estate commercial leasing. Our perspective is from that of a real estate broker, and we certainly recommend that you seek competent legal advice in any leasing transaction you pursue. The content and topics covered in this series, we hope give both Tenants and Landlords some key input, as they review their leasing objectives. If you are active on a specific lease deal, there may be a topic that applies directly to your situation and perhaps offers some perspective on it.

Within our blog archive, topics are posted weekly and titled according to the subject – which makes for easy reference. If upon reviewing the topics you cannot find the subject you require, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to respond. Again, bear in mind that we operate out of the Windsor-Essex, Ontario (Canada) real estate market, and our perspective is based on our regional market. But if we cannot help, we will try to put you in touch with someone in your area who can.

Just some final thoughts on commercial leasing and some friendly advice as you set out to either secure tenants (Landlord) or find premises (Tenant) - “Know Your Market” or better yet, make sure your broker “Knows Your Market”. Real estate has always been viewed as ‘local’ and the leasing market is no different. It’s most important to understand the current rental rate environment, market trends, and vacancy factors. Sometimes the data is hard to get, and maybe less readily available than with the residential market -- but it is out there, and you need to be up on it!

Again, seek out experienced commercial realtors with strong leasing backgrounds to assist you in your area – do not go it alone! To look at our current retail property listing, click here .

We are moving on -- next week we begin a new series on 'commercial building acquistions' for owner-users.

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