Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Special Guest Blog by Robert Iseppi: Intro to Commercial Property Inspections

Today we have another guest blog post.  Robert Iseppi, Civil Engineering Technologist and Certified Insepctor with Amerispec, servicing the Windsor, Chatham and Sarnia (Ontario) markets, will provide us with an intro to commercial property inspections:

Buyers and users of just about any commercial property can benefit from an inspection conducted by a qualified Inspection Company.  Even new construction can have physical deficiencies that could eventually require costly repairs.  Buildings targeted for renovation or reuse – such as office to residential or warehouse to retail—can also benefit from a review to determine if these facilities and systems function properly.

The goal of a Commercial Property Inspection is to identify and communicate observable, physical deficiencies of the material systems, components, and equipment within a commercial property.

A baseline commercial property inspection relies on a walk-through survey, to determine the property’s condition.  The report includes information about the property as well as opinions on probable cost for suggested remedies.
This information is valuable in helping owners and buyers understand operating and maintenance costs and helps to provide confidence to prospective purchasers that the transaction is solid.  Our professionals work together with clients to determine the scope of inspection services needed, and are committed to providing outstanding client service and satisfaction with the technical experience and knowledge to meet our client’s most specific needs
AmeriSpec’s professionals are experienced in inspecting a variety of commercial properties including:
·        Office Buildings
·        Industrial Buildings
·        Retail Stores and Shopping Centers
·        Apartment Building and Hotels
·        Hospitals, Research Centers
·        Warehouse Buildings
·        Condominiums
The scope of the inspection needed and the specific areas to be inspected are based on various factors.  Age, occupancy and type of construction are considered when determining how the property will be inspected and the performance criteria needed to complete the inspection.  Inspections can vary from a visual examination of the property to a comprehensive inspection of all technical components of the building.
A baseline commercial property inspection includes:
·        Site Characteristics (Paving, Landscaping and Utilities)
·        Structural Frame and Building Envelope
·        Roof Surface Areas
·        Mechanical and Electrical Systems
·        Plumbing Systems
·        Heating Systems
·        Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems
·        Vertical Transportation
·        Life Safety/Fire Protection
·        Interior Elements
·        Opinions of Probable Costs
·        Recommendations
Additional services that may be available include:
·        Elevator Inspections
·        Fenestration Inspections
·        Fire Safety Inspections
·        Lead-Based Paint Inspections
·        Wood-Destroying Organism Inspections
·        Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
·        Sewage and Treatment Systems Inspections
·        Asbestos Inspections
·        Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments
·        Radon Inspections
Depending on the type of property and the needs of the client, inspections may require specialists, consultants or a TEAM (Technical Experts and Management) approach.
The TEAM approach allows specialists or consultants to assist in the commercial inspection by providing their expertise in areas where it is required.
The specialists or consultants that can assist in a property inspection include:
·        Structural Engineers
·        Environmental Specialists
·        HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Specialists
·        Electrical Specialists
·        Fire Protection Specialists
·        Elevator Specialists
·        Roof Specialists
·        Paving Specialists
·        Wood-Destroying Organism Specialists
Special thanks to Robert for his contribution.  To learn more about his services or to book your next commercial property inspection, email amerispecwindsor@gmail.com or call (519)739-1010.

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