Monday, July 29, 2013

Mortgage Terms/Conditions - "Not As Simple As Financing Your Home" (For Canadians Only)

In earlier posts, we talked in general terms about Mortgage Financing, and now would like to expand the discussion, as it relates to financing of commercial properties. This is a big topic and we will break it down into smaller parts over the next few posts.

In considering financing - the first decision is whether to work with a Qualified Mortgage Broker or to approach Institutional Lenders directly. In going the Mortgage Broker route, you’ll likely have a better opportunity to source multiple lending sources, since they will shop the market for you. If you approach Institutional Lenders yourself, the obvious benefit is that you are dealing directly with the mortgage originator (decision maker) and the one on one may simplify the process. Either approach can work, depending on not only your own expertise, but the type of property being financed.

Qualifying for commercial mortgages is a fairly rigorous process, and unlike residential mortgages (which often are insured through CMHC), there is no such backstop (protection) for the lender.  As a result, you should assume the following:

·        Designed to protect the institutions against default/losses
·        Generally tougher to qualify for
·        Involve shorter amortizations
·        Structured to guarantee the interest component
·        Involve considerably more upfront soft costs
(ie. appraisal, environmental, structural reports etc.)

Turnaround times on commercial mortgages are often 45-60 days - that is from the time of initial application to receipt of a detailed/written mortgage commitment.  This also assumes that all of the parties conducting all of the reports noted above, are on-time and not delayed for any reason. Certain lenders may also require the posting of a set-up fee at the time of application, to cover their costs to process the mortgage.

Lots more to follow on financing.... as always, seek out the advice of experienced commercial realtors within your market, as you consider mortgaging alternatives on any real estate acquisition.

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