Thursday, October 8, 2015

Windsor's Moving Up Against The Big Boys - New Series

Source: National Post

Great way to kick off our new series, COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES  – WINDSOR FOCUS.  

Real Estate was hit hard during the 2007-2010 period, but since 2010 we have seen major moves across all sectors of our real estate market. 

via National Post
Just to highlight a few key areas –

* Multi family vacancy rates are down below 4% (from 12% back in 2010)
* Industrial lease rates on a per ft. basis (have increased 70-80 % since 2010)
* Industrial building sales on a per ft. basis  (have increased similarly)
* Residential sales activity (both new and resale) are turning over at unprecedented rates
* Commercial Property interest and sales are in a significant growth phase given strong demand
* Out-of-town investment into the Windsor market is at record levels

What is the take away? 

Windsor’s market offers a great upside for investors / developers / landlords and owner-occupants looking to acquire good (aka sound) real estate value.  Cap. rates are more attractive than other major Canadian markets, competitive financing terms are available, a good mix of products exist, and many new developments are either under way or on the horizon. The population is once again growing and the economic issues of 5-6 years ago are now in the rear view mirror.

The Windsor Market is still in the ‘early innings’ and it is really just starting to make its move. Whether you are local or from outside of the area, give us a call and let us put our commercial expertise to work for you in Windsor – Essex.

We love feedback so don't be shy about letting us know your thoughts and where we agree/disagree! Intellectual discussion is always welcome. 

We are rolling out a new BLOG series, COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES – WINDSOR FOCUS, and we look forward to all your comments as we move through the last quarter of 2015. 

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