Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Investing in Real Estate – Building The Right Team

After doing some research on different investing ideas, you’ve decided that real estate investing is right for you. No matter how big or small you intend for this investment venture to be, its important to be ready, willing and able to handle everything that comes your way. But how do we do that? By building the proper team of professionals around you to set yourself up for success.

But what type of professionals do you need? We've put together a list of such professionals. Not every one of them is necessary for every investor, but the list is a starting point to make sure your bases are covered.

Now this is a pretty obvious one . They’ll be able to help you out with understanding values, demographics, rents, etc. Working with a realtor who either owns rentals themselves or does a good amount of income properties is a huge bonus.

A good real estate lawyer is invaluable. They will make sure your interests are protected in whatever deals your are considering. Good legal advice can be expensive but can save you money in the long run.

Assuming you will be mortgaging your properties, a good mortgage broker-professional is essential in getting your deals financed. They can give you advice so you can continue to accumulate properties and get the best terms possible.

A good accountant is also invaluable. Understanding the best way to hold the real estate, claim expenses, amortize costs, etc. can save you tax dollars. They also have your back should CRA ever audit you.

Don’t have time or the ability to handle your rentals yourself? Finding a good property manager is must-have. They can collect rents, leasing, handle tenant calls and be the general go between the property and the owner. Fees generally range from 5% of rent to one month’s rent per year and up.  Make sure you factor this cost into your budget if you're planning to have the property managed.

Not very handy? Then you’ll need to contract out any renovations or general upkeep. When you find good people who don’t cost an arm and a leg, it is important to keep them around and happy. They will make your life much easier in this business.

A good bookkeeper can keep track of all your income and expenses related to each property and make sure everything runs smoothly. They can also run regular reports so you understand your profits and can uncover trends (like increasing utility costs), so they can be addressed.

A list of maintenance contacts can go a long way in efficiently operating your property and keeping it safe and attractive to tenants. Be sure to also add these costs to your budget.

This is far from an exhaustive list, but it gives you a general idea about who you should have on your speed dial as a real estate investor. How has your experience been in creating your team?

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