Friday, July 15, 2016

Investing In Real Estate – Building The Right Team #7: Bookkeeper

No one will ever care as much about your investment property as you do. But what exactly should you care about most as an investor? The short answer is: how much money you’re making! The funny thing is a lot of investors don’t actually know how well their investment property is performing. Don’t be one of those people! Today we are going to talk about the next member of your team, which will help you with this problem…your bookkeeper.

Do I really need a bookkeeper?

Technically, you don’t need one. You can do the bookkeeping yourself if you work with a simple spreadsheet or an accounting software such as quickbooks or simply accounting. Just make sure you keep detailed records and ensure you input all the income, expenses, etc, properly and allocate it to the right property. When you start out, it's often a good idea to start doing your own books so you can learn. As your portfolio grows, you will want to consider delegating the task to a bookkeeper.

What will my bookkeeper do for me?

A bookkeeper will input all income and expenses into whatever accounting software you use. They will keep neat records so when tax time rolls around, you have everything handy. They will also run regular reports (ie. monthly, quarterly) so you can track the performance of your investments.

What else should I know about bookkeeping?

The biggest aspect of bookkeeping is measuring performance. If things are going well and as good or better than expected then you want to keep up the good work to make sure things don’t slip. If things aren’t performing so well, it allows you to look at where the numbers are going wrong and make some changes (ie. increase rents, renovate, implement energy efficiency updates). And if after doing all you can, and after continuing to monitor the performance, it doesn’t turn around, maybe it wasn’t a good investment and its time to sell and move on.

How much will my bookkeeper cost?

As in the rest of the your team members the cost will vary, but bookkeeping is a highly automated process so the rates in your area should be pretty standardized. Either a per hour amount or a monthly fee is most common. Also make sure to check the work to make sure they are doing a good job with minimal errors and making it worthwhile for you.

The bottomline is that understanding your investment properties performance is very important and not a task to be taken lightly. Consider hiring a bookkeeper to make sure this is taken care of properly.

Do you do your own bookkeeping or outsource it for a bookkeeper?

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