Friday, May 12, 2017

GUEST BLOG: A Day in the Life of a Lawyer

Today we have a guest blogger! Continuing on with the theme of "a day in the life of", we have another professional that realtors often work with - a lawyer. Lyndsey Lalovich, an associate with the Willis Law Firm (and my Sister), is going to take us through a typical day.

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a corporate lawyer would look like?

I am a lawyer with Willis Business Law, a new, cutting edge business law firm, located in the heart of downtown Windsor at 1 Riverside Dr. W. Around here, they call me the “closer”. I am the lead associate lawyer on all our firm's transactional work, overseeing all aspects of a deal and going the extra mile to ensure timely completion of deliverables.

So what does a day in the life of a transactional lawyer look like? While no day looks quite the same in this field, below is a snapshot of my day!

7:00am – Rise & Shine! Hearty breakfast and morning news.

8:00am – En route to the office, Willis Business Law, to start another day.

8:30am – The calm before the storm. Catch up on emails and get organized for the day.

9:00am – Join Willis Business Law’s founding partner, William Willis, for a meeting with clients in the beautiful boardroom at Willis Business Law to discuss a proposed commercial real estate purchase. Complex factors related to the transaction made the face-to-face effective to strategize the best approach.

10:00am – Return calls and emails.

11:00am – Time to put my head down and do some work! Prepare closing agenda for an upcoming commercial acquisition and work with our corporate and real estate clerks to get the package of closing documents prepared.

12:00pm – Networking lunch! Relationship building is key in this career. One of the best parts of working downtown is our close vicinity to our referral sources and, of course, the great restaurants!

1:15pm – More emails.

2:00pm – Signing with client for a commercial financing transaction. Once the client leaves, the pressure is on! Our team needs to get the signed documents to the other lawyer as fast as we can to ensure there is no hold up in the closing of the transaction. With our experienced clerks, we have it down to a science!

3:00pm – Uh oh... Residential real estate closing gone sideways. Various phone calls (and emails of course) with the other lawyer and our client to get the issues resolved.

4:00pm – Wrap up work projects for the day. Have I mentioned responding to emails? Much like other fields, nowadays email is the primary mode of communication for lawyers. At Willis Business Law we try our best to maintain a 24 hour response time on emails, even if we are just responding to let the client know we will look into their inquiry and get back to them. This means a significant percentage of my day is spent sitting in front of this computer keeping up with my inbox!

6:30pm – Head home for some dinner with the hubby.

7:30pm – Gym time. After sitting at a computer for most of the day it’s especially important to stay active in the evenings!

9:00pm – Wind down. Watch some Big Brother Canada while treating ourselves to protein pancakes!

10:00pm – Get a head start on preparing for tomorrow’s work day and, you guessed it, respond to emails.

11:00pm – Lights out!

So there you have it folks. Thanks for participating Lyndsey. Contact her for all your business law needs. You can find more info about her and the firm at Thanks for reading!

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